At no other time in history has there been such an opportunity for every person, no matter what their background, to contribute ideas to the Economy and hopefully profit from it.  Every year there are new revolutionary ideas emerging like driverless cars, smart clothing, new ways of harnessing energy, Nano Computers, cryptocurrencies, and many new software apps to solve a variety of different problems.  In addition to the big ideas we hear about, there are also countless improvements on existing products based on new more efficient manufacturing techniques, and the ability to make old products smarter and more adaptive. 

We therefore encourage all of our inventors and innovators to stay committed to their projects so that the Economy of Ideas can continue to grow and we can all benefit from your amazing creativity. 



We will help you create a distinctive memorable trademark and register it with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to help promote and protect your brand in the marketplace. A trademark may be a word, a logo design, or a combination of both. Trademarks may even include sounds and smells.

A certification mark can be used to certify a standard of quality, and a collective membership mark is used to indicate that someone is a member of an organization.

To begin the process of filing a trademark application, fill out our secure, fully encrypted, disclosure form. You will be contacted to discuss your mark, or contact us.


A trademark clearance search helps identify other similar marks that may prevent you from registering your mark. The search may include both word marks and design marks that are similar looking, sounding, and/or cover similar goods/services. The search results will be provided to you in a search report and you will have the opportunity to discuss the search results with an attorney to help you make an informed decision about applying for federal registration.

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Begin filing a proper patent application by disclosing all relevant information concerning the concept you are trying to patent.

As a registered patent attorney with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office I am required to keep all of your information strictly confidential. Find me on the roster of registered patent attorneys in good standing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

To begin the process of applying for a patent please fill out my secure, fully encrypted disclosure form. We will then contact you to briefly discuss the application process and schedule a time to discuss your concept and gather additional information or contact our office.


A patent search is useful for filing a patent application to find any “prior art” in the form of published patents and applications that may contain one or more elements of the invention you are trying to patent. Discuss the results with a patent attorney to help you make a more informed decision on whether to file a patent application.

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If you are planning to present your idea or prototype to a third party you should always have a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) in place before sharing your proprietary information.  An NDA is like any other contract and is enforceable in court or through arbitration. In addition, an NDA is a good deterrent against misappropriation of your idea. Contact me to discuss how an NDA can protect you, especially if you don’t have a patent yet.


Copyright protection is available for original creative works, such as books, art work, music, and sculpture. If you are interested in copyright protection for your original works, please click here and fill out our secure, fully encrypted form.  We will then contact you to discuss your original creative work, or contact us. our office.


In addition to filing for a patent, it is very helpful to have a physical prototype of your invention to show to potential investors or buyers.  A prototype brings your invention to life and is far more effective at demonstrating the novel features of your invention than a patent specification and drawings.  This is why we encourage inventors to get a prototype made confidentially before you meet with investors or other interested parties. We can put you in touch with a prototype developer we use, or you are welcome to find one that you are comfortable working with.

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